MOMODa FOUNDATION Newsletter of October 2023 (15th Volume)

MOMODa FOUNDATION Newsletter of October 2023 (15th Volume)

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As we embrace the crisp autumn air and the changing colours of the leaves, October brings a renewed sense of purpose and reflection on our journey toward progress and transformation. In this month’s editorial corner, we focus on the ongoing efforts and commitments that shape our mission to make a difference in the world.

At the heart of our dedication lies the belief that positive change is possible through research-oriented development. Our organization, the MOMODa FOUNDATION, continues to stand firmly committed to addressing critical social issues that affect our communities. We take pride in the rich tapestry of culture and traditions that define our identity, and we draw inspiration from the resilience that unites us.

Over the years, MOMODa FOUNDATION has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive and equitable society. We have collaborated with numerous partners to conduct extensive research on a wide range of issues, including climate change, education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and many more. Through our research, we aim to drive meaningful change and improve the lives of individuals and families across our region.

One of our prominent research endeavours involves investigating the consequences of distributing complimentary reading glasses to elderly individuals who receive government Old Age Allowance and Widowed Allowance payments in Bangladesh. Additionally, we are striving to understand the underlying reasons behind the limited growth and challenges faced by most small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Furthermore, our research extends to determining the influence of consuming saline water on the productivity of factory workers. Moreover, we are engaged in evaluating the effects of the metro rail system on both businesses and households.

Our commitment extends beyond research; we actively engage with local partners to implement sustainable solutions. Whether it’s tree plantation drives to support environmental conservation or campaigns promoting hygiene and well-being, we believe that meaningful change is most effective when we work together as a community.

As we look ahead, MOMODa FOUNDATION remains steadfast in our dedication to creating a brighter future for our society. We are determined to continue fostering growth, empowering communities, and effecting lasting positive change. Together, let us march forward with unity and purpose, confident that our collective efforts will shape a more prosperous and inclusive world.

РShanzida Faisal (Editor) 


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