Md. Rahidul Islam

Manager (Research) and Head of Project Office, Gaibandha

Area of Expertise: Project and Program Management; Monitoring and Supervision; Data Collection Tools Development and CAPI Development; Data Quality Control and Analysis; Report Writing; Training and Facilitation

Joins MOMODa: 01/01/2022




Ph.D. Fellow;

M.Phil in Disaster Management;

Master in Social Sciences (Social Work);

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Rajshahi University).



2023: Rahman MM, Rahman MA, Siddique KB, Islam MR, Rahim MMU. Impact of COVID-19 on Essential Health Care of Rural People in Northern Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Translational-Medical Research and Public Health, 2023, 07 (01): e410. (

2021: Rahman MM, Islam MR*, Ahmad FU, Afrin MJ. Profile Analysis of COVID-19 Suspected Person Attending for Real Time-PCR (RT-PCR) Test in a Tertiary level Hospital, Bogura, Bangladesh. TMSS Medical College Journal 2021, 16 (01): 21-28.

2021: Ahmad FU, Jeneya MA, Rahman MA, Akter S, Islam MR, Chandra D. Correlation of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 viral load with clinical characteristics, mortality and laboratory findings among hospitalized Patients with Coronavirus Disease. TMSS Medical College Journal 2021, 16 (01): 07-12.

2021: Sharif MM, Khatun MM, Siddiqui MMA, Rahman MM, Ansary MAM, Islam MR, Nibir NA. Relationship between RT-PCR & HRCT of chest in COVID-19 patients. TMSS Medical College Journal 2021, 16 (01): 13-19.

2021: Yesmen MN, Islam MR*, Begum R, Paul RR. Stress among the Nurses working in CO VID-19 isolated wards of a tertiary level Hospital, Bogura, Bangladesh. TMSS Medical College Journal 2021, 16 (01): 29-38.

2021: Begum R, Yesmen MN, Paul RR, Islam MR*. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of the Nurses about COVID-19 Management: A study on TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital, Bogura, Bangladesh. TMSS Medical College Journal 2021, 16 (01): 53-62.

2021: Rahman MM, Rahman MA, Islam MR. Responses of the Community People towards COVID-19: Experiences of Bangladesh. 1st ed. Germany: Lambert Academic Publisher; 2021. (5.2 Books)

2020: Rahman MM, Islam MR*, Yesmen MN. Menstrual Hygiene Management Practices of Adolescent Girls: A Study on the Selected Schools of Bogura District. TMSS Medical College Journal 2020, 15 (02): 15-23.

2019: Bari A, Islam MR, Karim M, Islam MR, Islam MS, Islam MZ. Child Labor in the Welding Sector of Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. Journal of Asian Profile 2019, 47 (4): 381-392.

2019: Islam A, Mondal MNI, Islam MR, Islam MR, Islam MS, Khan MN, Hoque MZ. Techniques of life table construction: A review. International Journal of Humanities and Education Research 2019, 1 (2): 10-15.

2018: Islam MR, Ali MR, Mamun A. People’s Participation in Ground Water Resource Management for Irrigation in Barind Tract of Bangladesh. In M. Kamal (Eds.), Natural Resources Management in Developing and Transitional Economics for Sustainability. 2018 (Seminar Vol. 2, pp. 112-125). Rajshahi, Bangladesh: Institute of Bangladesh Studies.

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Short Bio:

Mr. Rahidul Islam is a Development Researcher specializing in the field of Social Science, particularly in Climate Change Impact, Disaster Management, and Community-based Adaptation. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Disaster Management at the Institute of Bangladesh Studies at the University of Rajshahi. Presently, he is employed at a renowned research organization as a social science researcher, working with a global research team. Previously, he served as the coordinator of the Research, Planning, and Development Department at TMSS Grand Health Sector in Bogura.

Mr. Islam also holds positions as an adjunct faculty member at Pundra University of Science and Technology in Bogura, and Sunrise Nursing Institute in Dinajpur. Over the span of seven years, he has conducted more than 40 research projects under different organizations, authored books and scientific articles, and actively participated in numerous national and international conferences, seminars, and symposiums to influence public opinion and contribute to policy formulation. Through his work, he aims to continue positively impacting the lives of those in need.

Mr. Islam has published several articles in internationally refereed journals and presented his research at several international conferences. He has also published a book from a renowned publisher in Germany. He has a strong background in social science research particularly research instrument development, training of data enumerators, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and report writing. His research interest includes Maternal and Child Health, Family and Child Welfare, Climate Change and Community Adaptation, Rural Development, and different Social Problems.

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