Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy

Adviser & External Investigator

Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy is an Assistant Professor of Economics, at the Department of Economics at Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Shonchoy graduated from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Economics and pursued a Master’s degree in Economic Policy at The Australian National University. He earned Ph.D. in Economics from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. Dr. Shonshoy has been teaching for about a decade in several universities in Bangladesh and abroad, including, BRAC University (Bangladesh), the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Tokyo and so on.

He has been working in economic research ranging from Labor Economics and Migration, Development Economics, Public Economics, and Experimental Economics. He is working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), in Japan. Besides, he is also working in visiting position at Economics Department, at Singapore Management University (2012), Consultant, at Alliance Forum Foundation, South Asian Network for Economic Modeling (SANEM), Dhaka Secretariat, Consultant, at ICCO Bangladesh, and others. (To know more about Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy visit here and here)

Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy believes that informed policies, backed by research, can make a great impact on poverty alleviation throughout the world. Innovative and knowledgeable approaches can show ways (s) to effectively utilize Gov, private, bilateral, and multi-lateral funding in poverty alleviation. Inspired by this belief, he has been working on several experiments in India and Bangladesh for the past several years. Since, Bangladesh is one of the significant poverty-prone countries his primary concentration is conducting anti-poverty experiments, bringing global minds together. Currently, he is working on several experimental projects jointly with bright economists from different corners of the world.

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