June 15, 2023

MOMODa Research: Digital Platform Data Collection of the HFDC Project

Description: The MOMODa Research documentary delves into the innovative digital platform data collection process of the HFDC (Healthcare for Disadvantaged Communities) project. This enlightening documentary offers an immersive exploration of how digital technology is revolutionizing data collection, enabling efficient and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of healthcare interventions for disadvantaged communities.

Introduction: The documentary sets the stage by introducing the HFDC project and its mission to improve healthcare access and outcomes for marginalized communities. It highlights the importance of data collection in assessing the project’s impact and shaping future interventions. Viewers are primed for an in-depth exploration of the digital platform’s role in enhancing data collection efficiency and accuracy.

Digital Platform Implementation: The documentary showcases the implementation of the digital platform for data collection in the HFDC project. Through interviews with project coordinators, data analysts, and community healthcare workers, viewers gain insights into the platform’s design, functionalities, and user-friendly interface. The documentary highlights the training provided to users to ensure seamless adoption and effective utilization of the digital platform.

Efficient Data Collection: Viewers are taken through the data collection process, witnessing the utilization of the digital platform in capturing healthcare-related information. The documentary showcases the ease with which community healthcare workers record patient data, track health indicators, and submit real-time reports using the digital platform. Interviews with users illustrate the advantages of streamlined data collection, such as reduced paperwork, minimized errors, and increased data accuracy.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation: The documentary emphasizes how the digital platform empowers project coordinators and data analysts in monitoring and evaluating the HFDC project’s progress. It showcases the generation of real-time data reports, visualization of trends, and identification of areas for improvement. Interviews with data analysts shed light on the invaluable insights derived from the digital platform, enabling evidence-based decision-making and targeted interventions.

Data Security and Privacy: Addressing concerns regarding data security and privacy, the documentary explores the measures implemented to safeguard sensitive information. It highlights the encryption protocols, access controls, and ethical guidelines in place to protect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals participating in the HFDC project. Expert interviews provide reassurance regarding data protection practices.

Future Implications and Scalability: The documentary concludes by examining the potential future implications of the digital platform data collection in the HFDC project. It explores the scalability of the technology to other healthcare initiatives and underserved communities. Interviews with project leaders and stakeholders envision a future where digital platforms become integral to healthcare interventions, revolutionizing data collection and transforming healthcare outcomes for disadvantaged populations.

Note: The description provided is a fictional representation of a documentary on digital platform data collection in the HFDC project. It aims to capture the essence and key elements typically found in documentaries on this topic while emphasizing the potential benefits and advancements offered by digital technology in healthcare data management.

Since 2018, 180 families in 6 villages of 3 Upazilas of Gaibandha district have been included as beneficiaries of the HFDC project through MOMODa FOUNDATION. Out of 180 families, 60 families are extremely poor, 60 families are moderately poor and 60 families are not poor. It may be mentioned that out of 6 villages, 3 villages are located in Fulchari and Saghata Char.

The MOMODa FOUNDATION has been conducting follow-up surveys on the savings and consumption of 160 beneficiary families for 15 consecutive days. This is one of the issues in this project which is changing the consumption and savings of the beneficiaries. The HFDC project is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Kazushi Tankaha, Professor at Sofia University, Japan. All the beneficiaries are divided into three groups through RCT and their savings are received. And the beneficiaries have reimbursed the principal along with their profits at a fixed rate during times of scarcity (flood, epidemic, drought, etc.)




This part is being implemented through GRDF, a local NGO in Gaibandha. Due to the epidemic of COVID-19, all activities of this project were suspended from last March 2020. So, the MOMODa FOUNDATION decided that the survey would be taken on the digital Platform SurveyCTO.

This is the first time that data collection has been re-launched through the HFDC project at the Digital Platform SurveyCTO in Gaibandha in collaboration with some vigilant staff of the MOMODa FOUNDATION. This survey is currently running.

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