June 15, 2023

MOMODa Research: Community Level Workshop to Create Awareness on Birth Registration Certificate and 333 Helplines of The GCC Project.

Description: The MOMODa Research documentary captures the essence of a community-level workshop organized as part of the GCC (Global Community Care) project, aimed at creating awareness of the importance of Birth Registration Certificates and the utilization of the 333 helplines. This insightful documentary takes viewers on a journey through the workshop, highlighting its objectives, activities, and the impact it has on empowering communities.

Introduction: The documentary begins by providing an overview of the GCC project and its focus on community care. It sets the stage for the community-level workshop, emphasizing the significance of birth registration and the essential role of the 333 helplines in ensuring the well-being and rights of individuals.

Objectives and Activities: Viewers are introduced to the objectives of the workshop, which include raising awareness about birth registration and promoting the utilization of the 333 helplines for community members. The documentary showcases the range of activities conducted during the workshop, such as interactive sessions, informative presentations, role-playing exercises, and group discussions. Interviews with participants and workshop facilitators offer insights into the engagement process and the strategies employed to maximize learning and participation.

Empowering Communities: The documentary highlights the impact of the workshop on community members, capturing their reactions, reflections, and newfound knowledge. Participants share personal stories, emphasizing how birth registration and access to the 333 helplines have the potential to enhance their lives and safeguard their rights. The empowering nature of the workshop is portrayed through interviews, showcasing how individuals feel empowered to take action and advocate for their rights and the rights of others.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Throughout the documentary, the importance of collaboration and partnerships in the success of the workshop is highlighted. Interviews with project staff, community leaders, and stakeholders shed light on the collective efforts and support required to organize and implement such community-level interventions. The documentary emphasizes the spirit of cooperation and the value of sustained partnerships in driving positive change.

Future Impact and Sustainability: As the workshop concludes, the documentary explores the potential long-term impact and sustainability of the initiatives. It discusses the strategies employed to ensure ongoing support and follow-up actions, such as the establishment of community committees, training programs, and awareness campaigns. The documentary encourages viewers to consider the workshop as a catalyst for lasting change and a stepping stone toward stronger community engagement.

Conclusion: The documentary concludes by highlighting the significance of community-level workshops in creating awareness, promoting empowerment, and fostering a sense of unity among community members. It invites viewers to reflect on the importance of birth registration and the utilization of helpline services, urging them to take action in their communities to ensure the well-being and rights of all individuals.

Note: The description provided is a fictional representation of a documentary on a community-level workshop for birth registration and helpline awareness. It aims to capture the essence and key elements typically found in documentaries of this nature while highlighting the importance of the GCC project’s initiatives.

On 22 October 2020, while the intervention of the GCC project was in process, a workshop was organized in a community of a union under the project.

Some teenage girls between the ages of 13 to 17 participated in it. The workshop provided information on the 333 helplines, their effectiveness, and their role in preventing violence against women was discussed during the workshop. 333 helpline is a government service that provides any government information service in the country and it is also playing a leading role in solving various social problems.

In particular, it deals with violence against women or gender-based violence. This helpline has been providing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The importance and requirements of proper birth registration certificates are also discussed in detail. The workshop also raises awareness about social issues such as child marriage, violence against women, etc.




The spontaneous participation of the teenagers enlivens the event. Officials of different levels of MOMODa FOUNDATION were present at it.

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