June 15, 2023

Meeting with BRAC University Research Team

The meeting with the BRAC University Research Team was a collaborative and knowledge-sharing session aimed at fostering partnerships and exchanging ideas. The research team from BRAC University, known for its expertise in various fields, including social sciences, development studies, and public health, engaged in fruitful discussions with the purpose of exploring potential areas of collaboration and mutual interest.

During the meeting, both parties had the opportunity to present their ongoing research projects, discuss methodologies, and share insights from their respective fields. The research team from BRAC University shared their findings, while also seeking input and feedback from the other participants. This collaborative approach allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the research landscape and facilitated the identification of common research goals and objectives.

The meeting also served as a platform to explore possibilities for joint research initiatives, knowledge exchange, and capacity building activities. The participants discussed potential areas of collaboration, such as conducting joint studies, sharing datasets, organizing workshops, and publishing research papers together. These discussions laid the foundation for future partnerships and collaborative efforts between the research team from BRAC University and the other participants.

The meeting fostered a spirit of cooperation and learning, promoting the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices. It provided a valuable opportunity for researchers to broaden their perspectives, strengthen their research methodologies, and expand their networks.

By the end of the meeting, the research team from BRAC University and the other participants gained a deeper understanding of each other’s work and potential areas of collaboration. They identified opportunities to leverage their collective expertise and resources to address common research gaps and contribute to evidence-based policymaking and development initiatives.

The meeting with the BRAC University Research Team was an important step towards building collaborative research partnerships, fostering innovation, and advancing knowledge in relevant fields. It laid the groundwork for future collaborations that can generate meaningful impact and contribute to the advancement of research and development agendas.


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