June 15, 2023

Meeting with BJSA Secretary General

The meeting with the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Journalists’ Safety Alliance (BJSA) was a significant event aimed at discussing and addressing the challenges faced by journalists in Bangladesh. During the meeting, the Secretary-General, who is an esteemed advocate for journalist safety and freedom of the press, engaged in productive discussions with various stakeholders to identify issues and explore potential solutions.

The meeting provided a platform for open dialogue and information sharing regarding the safety and security of journalists in Bangladesh. Participants had the opportunity to exchange insights, experiences, and best practices related to journalist safety, including physical threats, digital security, and legal challenges faced by media professionals.

The Secretary-General shared updates on the work carried out by BJSA to promote the safety and well-being of journalists, such as monitoring incidents of violence or harassment against journalists and providing support and resources to those affected. The participants discussed ways to enhance collaboration between media organizations, civil society, and relevant government agencies to ensure a safer environment for journalists and to protect their rights.

The meeting also addressed issues of media freedom, censorship, and the importance of maintaining an enabling environment for journalists to carry out their work independently and without fear of reprisals. Strategies to promote responsible journalism, ethical reporting, and media professionalism were also discussed.

By the end of the meeting, participants gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by journalists in Bangladesh and the efforts undertaken by BJSA to address those challenges. They identified areas of cooperation and collaboration to strengthen journalist safety mechanisms, raise awareness, and advocate for improved working conditions and legal protections for journalists.

The meeting with the BJSA Secretary General served as a crucial step in fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders committed to promoting journalist safety and press freedom in Bangladesh. It aimed to generate actionable strategies and recommendations to safeguard the rights and well-being of journalists, ultimately contributing to a free, vibrant, and responsible media landscape in the country.

A high official MOMODa team had a meeting with the Secretary-General of Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association (BJSA) at his office on 09 May 2022. Mr Jasim Uddin, Chairman greeted the Secretary-General, Mr Pranab Chakraborty, and informed him about MOMODa research activities.
Later, Mr Enamul Haque, Executive Director discussed elaborately salinity and productivity research. He explained the involvement of the jute mills and how they will be benefitted from the project. BJSA Secretary-General appreciates MOMODa for taking the research initiative.
He is also hopeful that this project will be able to develop a productivity measurement system that will certainly help management decisions for production planning.

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