June 15, 2023

Lecture of Dr. Shonchoy in Reading Club Trust on ‘Seasonal Migration and Microfinance in Bangladesh’

Dr. Shonchoy, a renowned expert in the field, delivered a captivating lecture on ‘Seasonal Migration and Microfinance in Bangladesh’ at the Reading Club Trust. The lecture delved into the intricate relationship between seasonal migration patterns and microfinance initiatives in the context of Bangladesh.

During the lecture, Dr. Shonchoy shared valuable insights and research findings, shedding light on the impact of seasonal migration on the economic well-being of individuals and communities. He explored the challenges faced by migrants and the role of microfinance in providing financial services and support to this vulnerable population.

The lecture also delved into the various microfinance models and initiatives that have been developed to address the specific needs of seasonal migrants. Dr. Shonchoy discussed successful case studies and innovative approaches, highlighting the positive outcomes achieved through the intersection of seasonal migration and microfinance.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, pose questions, and exchange ideas with Dr. Shonchoy. The lecture created a dynamic learning environment, fostering a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics between seasonal migration, microfinance, and poverty alleviation.

The Reading Club Trust, known for its commitment to knowledge dissemination and intellectual growth, provided a fitting platform for this lecture. The event attracted academics, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners interested in the fields of migration and microfinance, stimulating meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

Overall, Dr. Shonchoy’s lecture at the Reading Club Trust offered valuable insights into the relationship between seasonal migration and microfinance in Bangladesh. It catalyzed further exploration and understanding of this crucial intersection, fostering informed discussions and inspiring initiatives that contribute to the economic empowerment and social development of seasonal migrants.

Reading Club Trust, a common platform for serious readers and young scholars to create a knowledge-based society in Bangladesh, organized its 454th Weekly Public Lecture via Zoom on “Seasonal Migration and Microfinance in Bangladesh” on Saturday, March 19, 2022.




Dr Abu S. Shonchoy, Associate Professor of Economics at Florida International University (FIU) delivered the keynote address in this webinar. Dr Foyasal Khan, Research Coordinator of MOMODa FOUNDATION attended the webinar on behalf of the organization.

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