June 15, 2023

IDE-JETRO Country Representative visits MOMODa FOUNDATION

The visit of the IDE-JETRO (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization) Country Representative to the MOMODa Foundation marked an important occasion for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The representative, renowned for their expertise in economic development and research, visited the foundation to explore potential areas of partnership and discuss shared goals.

During the visit, the IDE-JETRO representative had the opportunity to learn about MOMODa Foundation’s impactful initiatives, innovative projects, and research activities. The representative engaged in discussions with the foundation’s team, exchanging insights, ideas, and best practices related to various aspects of development, including poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic growth.

The visit also provided an opportunity for MOMODa Foundation to showcase its successful programs and projects, demonstrating the tangible impact it has made on communities. The IDE-JETRO representative gained firsthand knowledge of the foundation’s approach to social development and its efforts to address pressing challenges faced by vulnerable populations.

Through productive conversations and knowledge sharing, both the IDE-JETRO representative and MOMODa Foundation sought to identify potential areas of collaboration and explore avenues for future joint initiatives. The visit paved the way for possible research partnerships, capacity-building programs, and knowledge-sharing platforms that could further enhance the impact of both organizations.

Overall, the IDE-JETRO Country Representative’s visit to MOMODa Foundation was a valuable exchange of expertise and experiences. It fostered a deeper understanding of each organization’s work and opened doors for potential collaborations that can contribute to sustainable development, poverty reduction, and economic empowerment in the communities they serve.

MOMODa FOUNDATION shares its decade-long experience in development research when a courtesy call was made on 17 January 2022 by Mr. Yuji Ando, Country Representative of International Development Economics-Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO), Dhaka Office. Mr. Jasim Uddin, the Chairperson, welcomed Mr. Ando.


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