June 13, 2023

I dream to be an independent freelancer”; a future professional of the global world marketplace.

Step into the world of a future professional in the global marketplace who dreams of becoming an independent freelancer. Follow their inspiring journey as they navigate the dynamic landscape of remote work and entrepreneurship. Witness their unwavering determination, passion for their craft, and the pursuit of independence. Experience the challenges they face, the skills they acquire, and the connections they make along the way. Immerse yourself in their story as they strive to carve a successful path in the global marketplace, embodying the spirit of innovation, creativity, and self-reliance. The search for knowledge, coupled with the determination of providing financial support to the family encouraged Sadia to become a freelancer. Sadia Raisa, a 20-year-old girl who is pursuing her graduate studies in Management at the Gaibandha Government College, dreams to be an independent online freelancer. To fulfill her dream to be a freelancer, Sadia recently registered in a freelancing course in Gaibandha which is being initiated under an online freelancing project named ‘Skin in the Game: Micro-equity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing based Micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh’. The project is being funded by Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDLIC). This is an experimental intervention, carried out by Dr. Abu Shonchoy (with Dr. Simon Quinn Mehrab Bakhtiar and Muhammad Meki ). The intervention aims to introduce an innovative new microfinance product, based on the principles of equity financing, in which promising potential entrepreneurs are provided with capital, training, and mentorship to help them become online freelancers. While studying at the higher secondary level, Sadia came to learn that her uncle and aunt are earning a notable amount by working on different freelancing projects. Primarily they worked for a freelancing farm but now they have built their farm in Dhaka. She got motivation from her uncle and aunt and started to look for a suitable freelancing training Centre where she can train herself. Meanwhile, she got the information from advertisements that a
freelancing course is going to be initiated in Gaibandha by MOMODa FOUNDATION, in cooperation with Creative IT Institute and Gana Unnayan Kendra. She also found the offered course to be suitable, as the content of the course met her requirements and was conducted by one of the most renowned farms called Creative IT. After getting the information, she immediately enrolled herself as a would-be participant in the project through the online registration process.

Freelancing is the first choice where she wants to nourish her career as an independent freelancer. Her family also wants to see her dream realized. She was also offered to join her uncle’s farm but declined. She is only a 1st-year student and wants to carry out her studies without any interruption. That’s why she is looking for an opportunity in the vicinity so that she can open the door to a career while continuing her studies.
“The income from Freelancing is much higher than the usual income of getting involved with any entry-level jobs. Moreover, you can work wherever and whenever you have time,” said Sadia. “The unemployment rate in our country is higher than in many other countries. Furthermore, most of the job providers in Bangladesh offer a salary for fresh graduates around BDT 15,000-20,000, an amount I may surpass with just a few projects.”
Not only has she dreamed of being a freelancer for excelling in her career, but she also aspires to become a supporting hand to her family. “My father is a retired Non-Government employee and is doing small business in the locality, so it is very difficult for him to secure regular earnings from that business alone. My younger sister is also studying in school leading to a gradual rise in family expenses. Since my parents have no male child to take over the responsibility of the family, I want to support my family with financial contribution”- said Sadia.
Sadia further explains, “Freelancing and outsourcing have greater potential for young people in the Northern part of Bangladesh. People here are reluctant to go outside for a job that pushes them toward unemployment. Since they want to secure their earnings from being here, it’s a great opportunity to establish their career in freelancing with the help of dedication and hard work. Furthermore, this growing up sector is helping young people to find out comprehensive earning opportunities. People, who are more into discovering new technologies and keeping themselves engaged in technology, will love to establish their career in freelancing. To do so, you don’t need huge money or face other related hassles. Just give your time and earn money. With dedication and
hard work success will follow.”

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