June 14, 2023

GRIPS Team visited northern Bangladesh

The GRIPS (Global Research and Investigation for Public Safety) Team recently embarked on a significant expedition to northern Bangladesh. Comprised of a group of experienced researchers and investigators, their objective was to conduct a comprehensive study and assessment of the region’s socio-economic conditions, environmental challenges, and public safety concerns.

Throughout their visit, the GRIPS Team meticulously explored various aspects of the area, engaging with local communities, government officials, and relevant stakeholders. Their primary focus was to gain an in-depth understanding of the region’s unique characteristics, including its cultural heritage, economic activities, and the challenges faced by its inhabitants.

The team carried out extensive fieldwork, involving surveys, interviews, and data collection to gather accurate and reliable information. Their research methodology emphasized the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data, enabling a comprehensive analysis of the region’s social, economic, and environmental dynamics.

Additionally, the GRIPS Team collaborated closely with local organizations, academic institutions, and governmental bodies to exchange knowledge and insights. This collaborative approach not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the region but also fostered relationships that could support future initiatives and projects aimed at improving public safety and overall well-being.

The findings and observations made by the GRIPS Team during their visit to northern Bangladesh will serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and development practitioners. Their work is expected to contribute significantly to the identification of effective strategies and interventions that can address the region’s challenges, promote sustainable development, and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents.

Overall, the GRIPS Team’s visit to northern Bangladesh exemplifies their commitment to conducting thorough and impactful research. Their work represents a vital step towards generating valuable insights and solutions to improve public safety and foster development in the region

Dr. Kazushi Takahashi together with Yuma Noritomo from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) has recently visited Northern Bangladesh with the MOMODa FOUNDATION research team. MOMODa Project Office welcomed the visitors on Friday, 13th September 2019. They visited several places in Dinajpur and Gaibandha districts and talked with household beneficiaries of the “Seasonal Credit for Tenant Share Cropping Farmers” and “High Frequent Data Collection: A case study of Bangladesh” projects. They also had a closing meeting with Mr. Jasim Uddin, Chairperson, and Mr. Enamul Haque, Executive Director at Ascott the Palace, Dhaka. They discussed the pros and cons of the field findings. The visitors left Dhaka on 21st September 2019.




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